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Business Background
Bachelor's Degree from ASU
National Academy of Sports Medicine

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In the early 2000s I knew Kinesiology was my passion; early on I kicked off my adventure at Arizona State University to begin by path into enhancing performance, focusing on full body mobility, range of motion and recovery. 


My passion is to perfect the performance of the body and how to support it to its full potential . Over my 10+ years of experience I curated a specific style of therapy with support from my mentor in Scottsdale, AZ.   After a decade of experiencing and perfecting the craft I have opened my first studio in 2020.

I'm very good at assessing the body and understanding your body needs.

always begin each session discussing my assessment, hearing their your issues, and how I can make you feel better in your every day life moving forward.

Quote of the day: "You may not LOVE me during the session, but I provide lasting RESULTS".

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