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I have previous experience as a personal fitness trainer in Arizona and California.  


My passion is understanding the body and how it works. I learned my specific style of therapy from a therapist in Scottsdale, AZ, and decided after a decade of experiencing masseurs that didn't understand the body to go back out there to get the professionally trained beginning of 2020.


I'm very good at assessing the body and visually seeing what your body needs to fix anything from sciatic issues to TMJ, hip flexors, shoulder, and neck tension.


If there are any issues I do not believe I can help you with, I will tell you right away and do my best to find someone that is a better fit for your needs.  


My patients tell me, and will tell you; they appreciate my knowledge of each unique body issue and that I communicate with you throughout the entire session. I know when to explain what I am doing and why. I will always make sure you can understand the process and benefits.

My Saying: "You may not LOVE me during the session, but you'll LOVE me after." 

I provide lasting RESULTS.

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